How You Help Us

Our goal is to help the community of Bloomington, IN by providing different resources for those in need. With help from donors, donations have been able to provide food, clothing, transportation services, and other events that are suggested by the community to provide resources for families and children. Cry of the children is currently trying to find a more permanent location to continue its programs and provide children with educational items and support.

Our Impact

two men packing cases of water

Flint, MI Water Donation

On February 3, with the help of our partners, the Salvation Army, we quickly set up a community drive to collect drinking water. We are extremely proud to report that we were able to collect almost 2 tons of drinking water to “answer the cry of other children” and their families in Flint, MI.


Parent Help

Cry of the Children helps mediate and be an advocate for parents in school. By attending conferences with parents at a child’s school, we aim to provide a way to help that child in our program if they are having difficulty in the classroom.

group of people serving food

Thanksgiving Meals

Around Thanksgiving, Cry of the Children hosts a Thanksgiving meal for the community. Volunteers will roast turkeys, whip mashed potatoes, or serve guests, working side by side to feed those in need within our community.

Other Ways to Help

Clothing Donations

Clothing donations have been given in the past to help children and people of the community in need. Items have consisted of school clothing, basketball shoes, backpacks, and sports equipment. We do not turn down items and appreciate all donations provided. 

Become a Partner

Becoming a partner with Cry of the Children provides support for our programs and help us maintain and hold different events. Please contact Dellsie Boddie for more information regarding becoming a partner with Cry of the Children. 

Board Member

We are looking for board members to help us continue our immersive programs to help children express their creative talent. We are actively seeking sustainable organizational funding and have recently secured space to house our programs! 
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Testimonial – Mindy L. Mayes

When thinking of someone who’s a superwoman within the Bloomington Community Mrs. Dellsie Boddie, executive director of Cry of the Children Inc. comes to mind. As the founder and executive director, Mrs. Boddie makes it her personal mission to help youth within the community that others may turn their back on and/or not help. Every thanksgiving she and Cry of the Children provides a full Thanksgiving dinner for the homeless and low income within the Bloomington community. She has continued the giving back to youth and feeding the hungry tradition by offering a workshop on nonviolent protest for the youth; as well as a meal to one of the battered women shelters as her and Cry of the Children “Day on not a Day Off” Project for MLK Day.

Testimonial – Kamal Polk

I had a chance to interview someone who I see as being a person who gives a lot of her time to helping make better place for people to live in. She is caring person who is willing to help the people that need help, mostly children. Mrs. Boddie has a unique way of expressing herself when you talk to her about something that has really affected her in any way. Mrs. Boddie is a very spiritual person and brings that into her working skills. She loves helping youth from different avenues in leading them into a positive journey.

Testimonial – Felicia Hopkins

During High School at a point when there were not many activities for black girls, my friends and I decided to create an activity of own (Step Team) where the saying “North Side” started. Mrs. Boddie helped us find a practice space, drove us to and from practice, and eventually helped us become a well anticipated group who performed at basketball half times at Bloomington North through out our remaining high school years.

Cry of the Children/Mrs. Boddie was a instrumental part of me adolescence. These were lessons that I’ve carried over into adulthood and apply to my life daily.

Who knows where I would be or what I could have become with Cry of the Children, Inc. I am forever grateful for Mrs. Boddie’s unconditional love, wisdom, and unwillingness to give up on her children.

Want to learn to build robots? Or just looking for some electronic fun? Join us! Cry of the Children is starting our 1st ever robotics club. Contact us today to find your team. There may be an opportunity for a summer robotics workshop.
Step Team. Our step team strengthens character, develops long term, meaningful relationships, enhances physical conditioning and is fun! Come be a stepper: Learn new steps, create your own routines, then try out for competitions! Let your creativity shine! The team will also perform at local schools. Contact us for more information.